Transcribe or Hire Transcription?

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We can start by stating that ultimately only you will know if it is best to transcribe or hire the transcript.

This post brings some thoughts on the subject, presenting the pros and cons in the varied situations of both cases. So, let’s reflect together understanding what is best for each case: transcribe or hire the transcript?

The financial question

Maybe you already have all the conditions to make your transcripts yourself. So, why hire the service? But with “being in order” means that in addition to technique and knowledge, you have enough time and interest in transcribing.

To have general knowledge and technique means to know the language well (written and spoken), to ask doubts quickly by searching in websites, dictionaries, grammars etc., to know how to type well and fast. All this added to the interest in transcribing in order to avoid poor transcripts.

Considering that you have knowledge and time, what will you prefer, transcribe or hire the transcript? Here, yes, the financial question comes in – not before.

What causes someone to transcribe or hire the transcript

In another post we will give some practical tips, unpublished, showing basic techniques for those who want to transcribe audios.

There are people who can not imagine how to change an electric shower and will pay for it whenever they need it until the end of their lives. Another person can work doing just that every day.

The same is true for audio transcription: here we make transcriptions every day. Because of this, in addition to skill, the team has been gaining more and more experience – the speeches are quickly being transformed into documentary formats that are delivered ready for their intended purposes.

Of course, if you already transcribe and like to do this, who will transcribe is yourself. Otherwise, you will hire the transcription service.

Deciding the question …

Here’s a question that can help you decide: Would you hire a transcriber who knew as much as you did? If so, you can transcribe quietly. Otherwise, it is best to avoid.

Here are two checklists that can also help you make the best decision. As we said at the beginning, only you will know if it is best to transcribe or contract the transcription:

Checklist for who can transcribe

1) Do you know the techniques of transcription?

2) Type fast? Do you have time available?

3) Do you speak the language in spoken and written modalities?

4) Do you know how to quickly search and ask questions on websites, dictionaries, grammars, etc.?

5) Do you feel good doing transcriptions?

6) Is it de-capitalized?

Checklist for anyone who can hire the transcript

1) Never did or care to know how to transcribe

2) Do not have time

3) It is not always that he is well with the Portuguese language of Brazil

4) Does not take advantage of the resources that the computer and the web offer

5) Is not decapitalized

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