Our Work / Collantes

Platform migration and theme development

Customer story

David has had his own domain since 1992 and approached us explaining he was “in love with Hack Cabin,” our freelance blogging side-project. After committing, we migrated his website, applied our open source After Dark theme and handed over the finished product within two days.

Services provided

  • 400 page static site migration from Jekyll to Hugo
  • Customer collaboration on GitHub
  • Follow-up open source theme support


David now has one of the fastest websites in the world, with repeat page load times under a tenth of a second and a Google PageRank of 97 on mobile devices and desktops.


  • Two day turnaround
  • First customer on After Dark, our open source Hugo theme
  • Improved static website build times six-fold


  • Responsive typography optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • SEO-optimized using OpenGraph, Schema Structured Data and Meta tags
  • Configurable Global Navigation
  • Optional post Table of Contents
  • Site verification with Google, Bing and Yandex
  • Google Analytics
  • Disqus comment system
  • Rich taxonomy and taxonomy term pages
  • Full site keyboard accessibility

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