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WordPress migration, custom theme, domain registration and hosting

Customer story

After 6 months working with WordPress to create a site themselves, the author of Chicago Gang History wasn’t seeing the kind of traffic they’d hoped for despite their hard work. Upon examination, Comfusion discovered a treasure trove of niche information that simply needed a little love.

After committing to work with us, we purchased them a domain name, migrated their existing site to CloudCannon, implemented a theme of their choosing, reworked the SEO and launched in 6 days.


I first created my site on WordPress and everything looked great but no traffic was coming in, when I took over a new domain with Comfusion, not only did I end up with a better and sleeker look I ended up with unbelievable traffic and climbed to the 2nd page on Google search in just a matter of weeks!


Since it’s launch on December 3, 2016, Chicago Gang History has continued to experience healthy organic growth. Shown below, a graph detailing number of new users for Chicago Gang History coming from Google during its first 13 weeks.

Organic growth by number of Sessions from 1 Dec 16 thru 23 Feb 17

We measured how quickly Google noticed the site and started sending new users. Here’s how many came in, and how fast it happened:

  • 43 days after launch, over 50 new organic users per day
  • 53 days after launch, over 100 new organic users per day
  • 67 days after launch, over 150 new organic users per day
  • 79 days after launch, over 200 new organic users per day
  • 97 days after launch, over 300 new organic users per day


  • Began generating revenue within first three weeks
  • Started turning profit in less than 2 months
  • Reached Page 1 of Google 37 days from launch for primary key phrase
  • Receives 75% of its traffic from mobile and tablet

Services provided

  • Identity protection for domain owner
  • Domain name procurement and management
  • Site migration from WordPress
  • Web hosting, development and design
  • Client portal to add, edit and remove site content
  • SEO, launch marketing and growth consulting
  • Website monetization with transparent reporting
  • Technical support


  • Over 200 pages of niche content and media
  • Reimagined global site navigation
  • Responsive design optimized for phone and tablet
  • Realtime Analytics with tailored insights
  • Client-controlled front-page widgets and content editing
  • Related content to drive loyalty and page pageviews
  • Google AdSense
  • Custom contact form
  • Newsletter
  • Email Forwarding

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